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Enhance your bust without surgery

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Many women are concerned about their appearance, and often the size of their bust is a cause for their concern. Those who seek a more curvaceous bustline have different options beyond surgery to achieve their desired looks.
What determines breast size?
Upon the arrival of adolescence and puberty, many of the physical changes that set females apart from males take place. Estrogen, progesterone and prolactin are three female hormones that largely determine the variation in sizes and appearance of the breasts.
The genetic blueprint that females inherit play a role in determining a woman's bust size. There's a good chance girls whose relatives are busty will have ample busts as well, and girls whose relatives have smaller busts will likely follow suit.
Other factors play a role in breast size. For example, the amount of glandular tissue that forms can dictate breast size. Also, because the breasts are largely comprised of fat, changes in a woman's body weight can impact bust size.
Increasing bust size
According to research by the British magazine Expert Beauty, almost 50 percent of women considering cosmetic treatments would like to improve the size or shape of their bust. Strong feelings against breast surgery force many women to seek nonsurgical options to improve the look and size of their bust. There are different techniques to try, which can have varied results. Here are some of those methods.
* Padded bras: Bras that have padded cups are one of the easiest ways to increase bust size. Many manufacturers offer padded styles, some of which have removable or layerable cups that can decrease or add just as much size as you desire. These bras look seamless under clothing.
* Bra inserts: There are different inserts that you can add to your own bra to perk up your bust size. Some retailers offer pump-up bra pads that, at the user's discretion, can be filled with air and then tucked inside the bra. There are also prefilled silicone inserts that are either placed inside of the bra or backed with adhesive and worn in place of a traditional bra when a strapless style calls for it.
* Suction devices:A suction product might incite some skepticism, as some might think it's one of those infomercial or gag products that really don't live up to their claims. However, Dr. Roger Khouri, a reconstructive surgeon, developed the Brava Breast Enhancement and Shaping System as the first nonsurgical technique for increasing bust size. The breasts may grow up to one full cup size after a 10-week period. Women wear two plastic domes on the breast within a bra the domes are hooked up to a battery-operated box. When the system is turned on, the air in the domes is pumped out and the breasts are sucked forward into the domes. It is believed that the suction causes the nerves and breast tissue to grow.
* Breast slapping: This is a Thai breast enhancement method that uses a combination of aggressive kneading massage and slapping to increase bust fullness. The technique was invented by Bangkok-based beautician Khemmikka Na Songkhla and has been approved by the Thai government. The goal is to physically transfer fat from the surrounding tissues of the body to the breasts. It usually targets fat on the sides of the body and abdomen and, though the exact technique is not typically found in the western world, it is quite popular in Thailand and other Asian nations.
* Breast fillers:Women who may not want to go under the knife may have no problem going under the needle. Macrolane(R) is a gel that is inserted into the space between the breast tissue and the muscle wall and then molded into the right shape. The gel is made of purified hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the skin. The entire process takes about 45 minutes and can last up to a year.