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Take control of mold growth

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Moisture buildup can increase the probability of mold growth. For homeowners, mold growth can lead to poor indoor air quality and worse.
Using a modern insulation material, such as spray foam insulation, in crawl spaces helps reduce airborne irritants and promotes better indoor air quality. 
Properly insulated crawl spaces control moisture and air seal and save on energy bills while improving occupant comfort. 
The United States Department of Energy suggests homeowners properly insulate the crawl space within their homes to protect from two main problems. Firstly, by maintaining an acceptable temperature within the crawl space during winter, homeowners can avoid cold, uncomfortable floors above. Secondly, removing excess humidity in crawl spaces during the warmer summer months can decrease the chances of mold growth or buckling hardwood floors above. 
Spray foam insulation, like that available from innovators like Icynene, can help reduce the likelihood of moisture gathering within crawl spaces. Left uninsulated, homeowners run the risk of compromising their home's durability and comfort not to mention possible unexpected repair costs. Moisture control information can be found at