FYI Ashland

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City of Ashland

Meet the Mayor

The City of Ashland operates under a City Manager form of Government. Under this form of government the people of Ashland elect a Mayor and four Commissioners, who together, make up the Board of Commissioners, which possesses the legislative and executive powers of the city. Administrative powers are vested in the City Manager who is appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Commissioners for an indefinite term.

The Mayor, Chuck D. Charles, as a member of the Board, presides over all meetings, calls special meetings, and executes all bonds, notes, contracts, and written obligations authorized by the board


Hope's Plcae New Forensic Interviewer

Hope's Place invites you to join us in welcoming our new Forensic Interviewer to the team!

Hope’s Place is proud to present our new Forensic Interviewer, Melissa Leach! Melissa is a Licensed Counselor in the State of Kentucky and is excited to do her part for child victims of sexual abuse!


Business Scene Video: Jeremy Wolfe (JWolfe Custom Drums)

Jeremy Wolfe Founder/Owner

J Wolfe Custom Drum Co. "The Stuff Drums Are Made Of"

Huntington WV, Native


Stage Scene: Carmen Mitzi Sinnott

Tri-state native, Writer & Actress, Carmen Mitzi Sinnott received a Best Actress Nomination from The STAGE at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival for her performance in her one-woman show “SNAPSHOT a true story of love interrupted by invasion.” Since the creation of the first 16 pages of the script, Mitzi’s work was immediately recognized by The Brooklyn Arts Council, NYC. She was awarded their NYSCA individual Artist Regrant Award 2 years in a row to further develop the play.

While at the Ed Fringe, the CEO of the Cape Town festival extended a special invitation to bring SNAPSHOT to South Africa for the 2006 Cape Town Festival. The special selections continue,