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Top 5 tips for selecting the right pet food

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Pet owners have long faced the conundrum of what to feed their pet. The process of selecting food can be overwhelming, especially with the variety of options available in any given store. Michele Dixon, a specialist in pet health and nutrition at pet food company Petcurean, gives us her guidance on this task so that in future, your shopping experience will be smoother and more enjoyable.
Food Preferences
Although, like humans, pets have taste buds, they usually choose a food by smell. This means that they enjoy certain foods and flavors more than others. If they aren't enjoying or finishing their meal, you can try a different recipe. For instance, perhaps a recipe with duck or salmon will please your pet more than another source of protein. 
One Size Does Not Fit All
Pets need different nutrients based on their life stage, body condition and activity level, so consider choosing food based on whether they are puppies or kittens, or senior dogs or cats. Moreover, you may want to be on the lookout for food geared toward the size of your pet -- different companies offer recipes that are created specifically with small or large dogs in mind. 
Protein is Key
Protein is a key component to ensuring your pet stays healthy and strong. "Pets need protein to thrive and survive," says Dixon. "Make sure that meat is one of the top three ingredients in any recipe you select to ensure that your dog or cat is getting enough of this essential nutrient." 
Consider Grains
Grains can act as an energy source for pets, but be sure to look for wholesome and healthy grains, such oats and quinoa, in the ingredients list. These will provide necessary fuel and keep your pets fuller for longer.
Identify Sensitivities
Does your pet have food sensitivities? If so, start an elimination diet to figure out what is upsetting its system. Dixon adds that some products like GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE by Petcurean are specially formulated for dogs and cats with specific dietary needs. The recipes also contain prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion, plus antioxidants to support increased immunity.
"Choosing the right food for your pet can be a bit of a challenge," Dixon continues, "but making the right choice can certainly pay off. We encourage pet owners to use our selector tool to find the appropriate product for their animal's menu." By paying special attention to your pet's wants and needs, you will ensure they are energized and healthy.