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Help your body bounce back after cancer treatment

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Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy can take a toll on patients' bodies. Though the side effects vary depending on the type of cancer and the treatment being administered, cancer patients may experience both short- and long-term consequences related to their treatments, leaving many with some work to do once their treatments have proven successful.
Fatigue, bruising and bleeding and skin irritation are some of the more common short-term side effects associated with cancer treatments. But cancer patients may also experience long-term side effects. For example, Susan G. KomenĀ®, a tax-exempt organization that aims to address breast cancer through various initiatives, notes that early menopause is a potential long-term consequence of breast cancer treatments.
Helping their bodies recover after cancer treatment is a primary goal for many cancer survivors. While cancer survivors should work with their physicians to devise a post-treatment recovery plan, the following are some helpful tips for survivors to keep in mind as they get back in the swing of things.
Bouncing back from successful cancer treatments may take survivors some time, but staying committed to exercise and a healthy diet can help survivors regain their strength and potentially reduce their risk of recurrence.