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Bonus Appliances to Add Kitchen Appeal

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Homeowners remodeling their kitchen can look beyond traditional appliances and add specialty tools that may save on space and upgrade room efficiency.

Not every kitchen is equipped with a trash compactor or wine cooler, but many homeowners are seeing the

 benefits of rethinking what appliances are included in their kitchen layouts and looking beyond the range or dishwasher.

Trash Compactor

A trash compactor is a device that can be built into cabinetry or used as a stand-alone appliance wherever there is an available electrical outlet.

Compactors have advantages over traditional garbage pails and bags in the kitchen. They can hold a week or two of garbage in compressed form, reducing the need to take out the trash. Plus, they will not become as odiferous as a regular pail. Compactors also take up less space than a garbage pail and can look more aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen.

Many compactors have filters and deodorizing holders inside the compactor. This will eliminate the smell that often results from decomposing foods and other debris.

Trash compactors can be especially handy for individuals who live in an apartment or where space is at a premium in the kitchen. The compactor will flatten the garbage when a button or lever is pressed, reducing the volume of the trash. It may also be used with plastic and aluminum recylables.

Wine Cooler

Chances are a wine cellar will not fit in the average house. But a wine refrigerator can keep wine at the right temperature and humidity for optimal enjoyment.

Wine coolers are growing in popularity as more wine afficionados understand how the flavor of wine can benefit from proper storage. A refrigerator will hold wine bottles and insulate them from outside temperature fluctuations. They will also be handy and ready for use when the time comes.

Drawer Dishwashers

Most households are already equipped with a dishwasher, but the majority are a single wash area models. It is well known that for a dishwasher to operate efficiently, the entire washer should be filled before running the cycle. For many people this can take days of dishes sitting soiled in the dishwasher.

Drawer dishwashers split the cleaning area into two unique zones. This enables a smaller load to be washed. However, this isn't the only advantage. Drawer dishwashers can be more ergonomic, reducing the need for bending over to load the washer. Furthermore, because the two drawers work independently of one another, one drawer can be used on a light cycle for minimally soiled dishes, while the other runs for heavily dirtied dishes -- all simultaneously.

Their unique look also makes drawer dishwashers coveted simply from a design perspective. SH112397