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Did you know? Laughter

Research indicates that people who laugh a lot are much healthier and may live longer than those who don't find time to chuckle. A good, deep belly laugh can provide your body and mind with a great workout. 


Did you know? Hans Selye

Born in 1907, Hungarian physician Hans Selye is credited with coining the medical term "stress" in 1936. 


Did You Know? Shamrock

The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland because of Saint Patrick. Credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland, Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity to the pagans of Ireland. 


Did you know?

A report in Bicycle Retailer found that in the United States less than one trip in 100 is by bicycle. Americans rely more heavily on their cars for daily trips. If that ratio were raised to one and one half trips per 100, which is less than one bike trip every two weeks for the average person,