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How drivers can reduce fuel emissions

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, many cities across the country can claim automobiles as their single greatest contributor to pollution. While emissions from individual cars are somewhat low, emissions from millions of vehicles can add up to a substantial amount of pollution, and it takes residents working collectively to reduce those emissions and improve their local air quality.


What's behind the spike in shark sightings?

Shark sightings and run-ins with these apex predators up and down much of the Atlantic coast was big news during the summer of 2015. Numerous attacks on vacationers visiting North Carolina beaches and numerous sightings of sharks off coastlines from Massachusetts to Florida fueled questions about certain ecological or biological changes having prompted new patterns in the number of sharks in the water.


Creative ways to recycle leaves

Leaves cascading down from trees indicate the arrival of autumn. However, colorful and awe-inspiring autumn leaves can be a hazard if left to lie on the ground too long.
Fallen leaves form a dense insulator to protect trees' roots and prevent competing plants from growing. Decomposing leaves also provide nutrients for the tree. But wet leaves can be a safety hazard and leaves left on the lawn through the winter can pose a threat to the grass. These are just a couple of reasons why so much effort is placed on leaf clean-up in the fall. The following are some creative ways to recycle leaves that fall from your trees in the weeks to come.


GMOs and cancer potential cause worry

The use of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, in foods remains a controversial subject. The concerns about modifying genetic material in foods surrounds the uncertainty about the medical implications of consuming foods that have had their DNA changed in a laboratory. One such concern is whether or not there is a link between GMOs and cancer. To understand such a potential connection, it first helps to understand GMOs and why they spark such controversy.


5 benefits of building an eco-friendly home

Environmentally friendly practices are trending everywhere - from our food to our clothing to our homes. Improved practices in the construction industry today reflect the greening of building codes across America, and can be seen in advancements in window daylighting, insulation, air infiltration, and new wall-building materials.