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Green can be the new color in wedding wear

Weddings are full of traditions, many of which aim to ensure the good luck rains down on couples for years to come. Many of these traditions revolve around wardrobe choices. Veils are worn and bouquets are carried to ward off evil spirits, and couples may borrow sentimental items from their parents and other family members.


Easy ways to go green at school

The go-green movement may have humble beginnings, but now men and women across the globe make everyday decisions with the environment in mind. Private citizens and large companies now consider the environment before making decisions, as eco-friendly practices have extended into all aspects of life.


How to cut home energy costs

Home ownership is expensive. First-time homeowners may experience some sticker shock when shopping for their first homes, and that awakening may only grow more rude when the first month's mortgage payment and utility bills arrive in the mail.


How to make your exercise routine more eco-friendly

Adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle can promote personal health and benefit the planet at the same time. Many people already living environmentally conscious lifestyles may think they have exhausted the ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprints, but it never hurts to explore new opportunities to help the planet.


How to repurpose items for new and useful purposes

The "reduce, reuse and recycle" movement has grown increasingly popular as more men, women and children look to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles. By considerably cutting back on waste, people are doing their part to reduce the size of landfills, safeguard natural habitats and keep neighborhoods and local communities clean.