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Pros and cons of natural gas fracking

Natural gas is one of the cleanest available fuel sources. Natural gas is also a cost-effective way to heat a home, and cook meals in the kitchen. Those who recognize the benefits of natural gas may even have their outdoor barbecues directly connected to a home's natural gas supply to guarantee that fuel will not run short when it's time to entertain.
Natural gas is extracted from the Earth's crust when a natural gas deposit is discovered by a team of exploration geologists and a well is established. In some instances, a procedure called fracking may be necessary. Fracking involves the extraction of natural gas from the ground by injecting water and chemicals into deep wells at high pressure. The system breaks apart the rocks so that the gas can be released and captured.
In defense of fracking, it is a good method for gathering a clean source of domestic energy and can alleviate the growing reliance on other fossil fuels and international oil supplies. However, there are some potential pitfalls to fracking as well. Chemicals used in the process can infiltrate groundwater, and some environmental experts have suggested that fracking may contribute to earthquakes. 

Paint and renovate correctly

Changing paint colors is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add a fresh new look to the interior or exterior of a home.
Both exterior and interior paint can be used to protect homes and make strong impressions. Painting projects are fun and can be easy, but not all projects are so simple. Homeowners may need to exercise patience and devote an ample amount of time to get the job done right. One errant drip is all it takes to turn a perfect paint job into a colorful mess.


Learn to fish responsibly

Warm weather has arrived, and the welcoming temperatures are once again beckoning people to the great outdoors. Fishing is a popular warm weather pastime, and it's important to take an environmentally responsible approach when fishing.


Recognize the risks to drinking water

As environmental issues continue to garner more attention across the globe, certain concerns that represent the public's collective unease continue to emerge. Contamination of drinking water has long been a hot-button issue, and one that was once again being brought to the forefront in 2015.


Natural ways to beat seasonal allergies

The arrival of warmer weather changes the landscape completely. Animals come out of hiding and hibernation while trees and flowers bloom anew. The spring season can be an exciting time for naturalists and lovers of the great outdoors because they can immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of nature. But for many people, spring also marks the start of allergy season and spending time outdoors can become downright uncomfortable for them.