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Protect the environment with safe boating

Recreational boating reaches its peak when the weather warms up and people take to waterways in droves. Spending a day on the water enjoying the scenery or trying your luck at fishing are popular pastimes.
Following proper boating practices and etiquette can protect everyone onboard. Although ensuring passenger safety should be a priority, safeguarding against environmental impacts while boating also should be a concern.


How to keep your bike in top form

Bicycle riding is one of the best things a person can do for the environment and his or her personal health. Riding a bike requires only the power of the body and does not produce any noxious emissions. It's quiet, and bikes are able to gain access to places where cars are not permitted.


Find the best method of treating warm weather insects

Homeowners know that the arrival of spring also marks the re-emergence of insects. While not every insect is harmful, if an infestation grows considerably or if insects begin to move from the outdoors into a home, it may be time for homeowners to call in a professional.


Watering tips to produce healthy lawns

Summer is a season for landscaping, and homeowners who live in regions that get especially hot in the summertime often worry that their lawns won't make it through the dog days of summer looking lush. But lawns don't have to succumb to the sizzling summer sun. Oftentimes, the right watering strategies can help homeowners nurse their lawns through the hottest months of the year, ensuring the lawns make it to autumn looking as green as they did back at the height of spring.


Understanding wind energy

Power generated from wind is not a new concept. Humans have been harnessing wind power for centuries, and wind energy is a viable option for generating electricity that can be harnessed by businesses and homes.