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Build your home guided by eco-responsibility

Improved practices in the construction industry today reflect the greening of building codes across North America. This proactivity is highlighted by advancements in window daylighting, insulation, air infiltration, and new wall-building materials. However, many say that our eco-responsibility can do even better than this.


How to make spring projects more eco-friendly

The arrival of warmer weather means different things to different people. Some anticipate opportunities for outdoor fun, while others may be considering redecorating or remodeling their homes. For the latter group, home improvement season provides a great opportunity to make homes more eco-friendly.


Advice for soon-to-be graduates

Graduation season, an oft-emotional time of great celebration and reflection, is on the horizon. Though soon-to-be graduates are about to have one set of challenges firmly behind them, other important life decisions and experiences are looming in the not-too-distant future.


Go green with your pet

Environmentally conscious lifestyles are a way of life for many people. But while men and women may look to hybrid cars or energy-saving appliances to reduce their carbon footprints, few may know they can go green with their pets, too.


Houseplants can clean indoor air

Gardening is a rewarding hobby that can pay a host of dividends, both for the planet and the people doing the gardening. Healthy plant life can help clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and various air pollutants, while the act of gardening can help gardeners combat stress.