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Alcohol and cancer risk

Though the exact details of how alcohol increases cancer risk are unknown, the American Cancer Society notes there are several different ways that alcohol may contribute to a person's elevated risk of developing cancer.


Foods that help fight cancer

While no single food or ingredient can prevent people from getting cancer, research has shown a link between excess body fat and various cancers. A poor diet that's high in fat can contribute to excess body fat, which the American Institute for Cancer Research has linked to higher risks for developing cancers of the esophagus, pancreas, colon and rectum, and gallbladder, among others.


Preparing for hospice care

Sometimes patients succumb to a disease, in spite of the best treatments and support. When the time comes for a family to confront a loved one's declining health, hospice care can be a dignified way to make that person's final days as comforting as possible.
Hospice is a type of care designed to make the final moments of a person's life as pain-free and manageable as possible. It can take place in a medical facility, but very often hospice care occurs at home or wherever the ill person feels most comfortable.


Skin cancer a concern no matter the season

Skin cancer can affect anyone, and overexposure to the sun, a key risk factor for skin cancer, can occur at any time of year. Whether it is a hot, sultry day spent by the pool or a chilly day skiing the slopes, any exposure to the sun can result in skin damage that can increase a person's risk for skin cancer. Plus, certain areas of the body are more susceptible than others.


Fighting cancer with food

Few, if any, families can say they have never had an experience with cancer. Cancer is a potentially deadly disease with no cure. While cancer can be treated effectively, there is no way for men and women to eliminate their risk of developing cancer.
Though cancer may strike even the healthiest of persons, there are ways men, women and even children can reduce their risk. One such way is to consume certain foods that researchers feel can reduce cancer risk. Though precisely how these foods fight cancer remains a mystery, cancer researchers feel they can effectively lower an individual's cancer risk when combined to form a healthy diet.