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Avoid contraction of foodborne illnesses

Stomach bugs are rarely pleasant. Such bugs can last several days and result in missed school or work and even turn into something more serious, like dehydration. Many stomach bugs, whether they are the result of a virus or germs brought home from school, may be the result of poorly handled food.


Unique ways to exercise at home

Even the most devoted exercise enthusiasts sometimes encounter obstacles that make it hard for them to squeeze in their regular workouts. Weather can affect outdoor exercise enthusiasts, while busy work schedules can make it difficult to get to the gym.
When unforeseen consequences compromise your ability to stick to your normal workout routine, working out at home might be your only option. The following are a handful of ways to exercise at home when leaving the house is out of the question.


Probiotics can be part of a nutritious diet

Probiotics can help people combat gastrointestinal distress. Some probiotics can help prevent diarrhea that occurs as a side effect from antibiotics, and they may also be beneficial to those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and conditions that affect the gastrointestinal tract.


Get fit the smart way

Exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Many people establish bold fitness goals with a mind toward getting in shape. It's tempting to jump right in, especially when friends or relatives reach their own fitness goals. However, inactive men and women risk injury when diving right in and not taking a gradual approach to fitness and weight loss regimens. To reap the most rewards from exercise, take the proper precautions and follow these guidelines.


What athletes should know about shin splints

Exercising more is a primary goal for many people, especially those interested in losing weight. Athletes also look to increase the time they spend exercising as new seasons draw near. While additional exercise can benefit many people, those who frequently perform weight-bearing exercises or repetitive motions, such as running, dancing and jumping, may find themselves battling shin splints.