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Strike a pose for better sleep tonight

Health experts have long been professing the "back is best"mantra to new parents. As it turns out, the back also may be best for adults.
Placing an infant to sleep on his or her back is essential to reducing the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and has been part of the advice given to new parents for decades.


Dinnertime can be family time, too

Today's families are busier and more budget conscious than ever. With kids more engrossed in extracurricular activities and Mom and Dad fighting to make ends meet in a still struggling economy, time spent together as a family is increasingly scarce.

Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than around the dinner table.


Healthy habits How to use diet to supplement your workout routine

Men and women who have successfully adopted healthy lifestyles know full well that combining exercise with a healthy diet is the key to getting and staying healthy. Simply visiting the gym won't work if it's not coupled with a healthy diet.

But many people incorrectly assume that a healthy diet is one devoid of taste. That simply isn't true. In fact, a healthy diet does not


How to Sled Safely

Children look forward to snow days for the break from school and the chance to venture out into the snowy white wilderness -- even if that just may mean your own backyard.


Meal fit for vegetarian holiday guests

The holiday season is a special time of year when many people choose to spend time with the people they love the most. Gatherings of friends and family occur throughout the holiday season. These gatherings might surround a specific holiday, but even those people with a religious affiliation use the holidays as an opportunity to reconnect with those closest to them.
One of the more common holiday