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Significance of Midnight Mass

Christmas is one of the most celebrated dates on the Christian calendar. Commemorating the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ is only surpassed in importance by the celebration of Easter, a time when Christians remember Christ's sacrifice of life for His people.


Origin of cancer not always known

When diagnosed with cancer, patients are typically informed where the cancer is or, when the cancer is in an advanced stage, where it started. However, in some instances doctors struggle to determine the origin of a cancer in the body.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, cancer of unknown primary,


Seasonal Affective Disorder Most Common in Winter

Everyone feels sad or blue from time to time. Individuals who feel prolonged symptoms of sadness when the cooler weather arrives could be experiencing a common medical condition. Fortunately, treatment is relatively easy.
Depression is a common illness and one that today is more accurately diagnosed, and it no longer carries the stigma it had in the past. There are many types of depression, and there are thousands of people who suffer from a particular kind during the change of seasons: Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.


The traditions of Halloween

October 31st is nearly here, and soon the streets will be filled with costumed revelers eager to get their share of the free-flowing candy and other prizes. Year after year, trick-or-treaters don their costumes and parade from home to home. But have you ever wondered where this and other traditions began?


Create spooky effects for Halloween

Halloween is a great time to explore your creative side, especially when it comes to decorating for trick-or-treaters or planning a party. Many special spooky effects can be used to create the scary, intimidating atmosphere you desire.