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Explore the amazing scope of Latin music

One great way to connect with a particular culture is to listen to the music that culture produces. Such is the case with Hispanic and Latin culture, which has made numerous contributions to the world's musical landscape.
Hispanic music is vast and nuanced. Certain well-known rhythms and styles are classified as traditional Latin music, but the genre goes beyond the salsas, merengues and tangos commonly seen in dance competitions. Hundreds of styles of music fall under the umbrella of Latin music. The following is just a smattering of the Latin music styles that are popular around the world.


Celebrate the culinary contributions of Hispanics

Hispanic cuisine varies depending on which country a person finds himself or herself in. But some dishes, such as gazpacho, can be found in more than one country. A cold soup with a tomato base that originated in southern Spain, gazpacho is popular in both Spain and nearby Portugal.


Plan a day to shop local fairs, shops and stands

Autumn is tailor-made for getting out of the house to enjoy the great outdoors. With crisp temperatures perfect for strolls or sightseeing and breathtaking scenery awash in bright autumnal hues, autumn landscapes make for the ideal backdrop for weekend plans, including shopping excursions.


Celebrate working men and women

Labor Day is a bit of a misnomer. While it may seem like a day devoted to work, many workers in the United States and Canada don't work at all on Labor Day.
Labor Day is much more than the unofficial end to summer. Labor Day weekend tends to be the last big travel weekend before the holiday season, benefitting towns and businesses that cater to tourists. But while road trips and backyard barbecues are now staples of Labor Day, the origins of the holiday bear little resemblance to the celebrations of today.


Dogs and their unique relationship with weather

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, but one that also provides a companion whose love is unconditional. Dog owners quickly learn their four-legged friends respond differently than humans to certain situations, including the changing weather.
Many dog owners may notice that their pets seem particularly attuned to the weather. Changing weather can affect canines much like it does people, but dogs may also be affected in ways their owners are not.