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Easy Ways to Ward Off Winter Weight Gain

With winter on the horizon once again, the familiar retreat indoors is in full swing. With the colder weather comes less time spent outside, and more time spent on the couch.
While it's difficult for those who live in areas with particularly harsh winters to do much of anything outdoors once the temperatures begin their annual descent, it's not that difficult for cold-climate dwellers to continue emphasizing their health during such months. 


Keep your smile going strong

A healthy smile goes a long way. The benefits of a beautiful smile stretch beyond the physical and into the emotional, as men and women with a healthy smile are naturally inclined to feel more confident about themselves regardless of their age.


Protect Skin From the Worst Weather Has To Offer

Regardless of what season it is, skin seems to bear the brunt of weather's wrath. Whether it's the sun beating down in the dog days of summer or the wind whipping around and causing skin to crack when the weather starts to turn cold, skin is never fully safe from the elements.


Don't forget food allergies when hosting your next party

Holidays, birthdays and the opportunity to unwind with good friends and some conversation are just a few of the reasons to host parties at home. Hosts and hostesses have several things to consider before hosting such get-togethers, including any food allergies their guests may have.


Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as driving impaired

The public is well educated about the dangers of driving while impaired by medication, alcohol or illegal drugs. But drivers may not be aware that driving while tired can be just as dangerous.