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Healthy living could help fight dementia

Many people are apprehensive about getting older because of the fear of losing their faculties. Individuals may worry that dementia could rob them of precious memories and make daily living more difficult.
Many factors can contribute to the onset of dementia, and recent research notes those factors include heart disease, strokes and other serious health conditions that affect the circulatory system. But other seemingly harmless conditions can play a role, too. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle could help seniors fend off dementia.


Good and bad of molds

People often hear the word "mold" and run for cover. But not all molds are a nuisance or a danger, nor should all molds be decimated.

Good Molds

There are many molds that are beneficial both from a medical standpoint and an industrial one. Mold is a type of fungi, and just like mushrooms and yeasts, which also belong to the fungi family, there are some types of molds that can be used in foods, medicines and industry.


Go to new heights in the fight against childhood cancer

(MS) -- The thrill of skydiving is what draws thousands to this extreme sport on a regular basis. Taking to the skies and enjoying the rush of free-falling can make you feel more in tune with nature, connected with personal feelings -- or even help you raise money for a worthy cause.
This September, in honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, people worldwide have the opportunity to skydive with a collective purpose --


New SIDS research suggests link to serotonin

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) can be a devastating blow to new parents. Seemingly out of nowhere an infant can lose his or her life. Although SIDS research is ongoing, recent research suggests a link between SIDS and serotonin deficiency.

SIDSremains the leading cause of death for children age one month to one year. Although the rate of fatalities has 


What to look for in an elder care facility

As men and women enter their golden years, many decide they can no longer maintain their homes and choose to downgrade to something smaller, be it an apartment or a condominium. For millions of others, health plays a significant role when deciding where to move when it's time to sell their homes.