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Tips on shopping for new appliances

As the weather turns cooler, outdoor improvements become less practical. Homeowners' thoughts may turn to projects they can tackle inside of the home. Now may be the time to consider the purchase of new appliances that can be the finishing touches to renovated spaces.


4 simple ways to winterize your home

As winter approaches, homeowners know they must do certain things to ready their homes for the coming months. Wrapping up the grill and closing the pool are no-brainers, but homeowners also must prioritize winterizing their homes to ensure homes withstand the winter.
Winterizing tasks range from small to big, but each can protect a home and its inhabitants and some can even save homeowners a substantial amount of money. The following are four simple ways to winterize your home.


Coping with condensation and other home moisture issues

Finding the right moisture balance in a home can be challenging. Too little moisture and a home can be plagued by static electricity and interior spaces that can feel dry and uncomfortable. But too much moisture in a home may make it susceptible to mold, mildew and insect infestations. Moisture also can rot wood and cause unsightly stains on walls and ceilings.


The problem with hard water

Home ownership opens people's eyes to many new experiences, even requiring homeowners to familiarize themselves with certain things they never encountered as renters. Homeowners become novice plumbers, electricians, horticulturists, and even chemists as they wade through the projects and repairs involved with owning a home.


Factors to consider when planning a home office

As technology has made working remotely easier, more and more professionals are working from home. Working from home can help working parents save money on childcare costs and help all workers avoid rush hour traffic jams and the costs of commuting to and from the office.