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Soundproof that man cave

Enjoy a jam session or watch an intense sports game with the boys without disturbing the rest of your house. Soundproofing your man cave will ensure that the noise of male bonding, deep voices, loud music and cheering doesn't disturb the entire household.


Finished basements save energy and deliver more living space

By finishing your basement, you can gain more living space while reducing the amount of energy loss from downstairs. Basements that are not fully finished typically do not have insulated walls or covered flooring. This can result in heat loss and cause your furnace to work overtime.


How to soundproof your home

What's the first step in sound proofing your home? Finding which rooms have the least amount of sound resistance.
To do this, make sure everyone is out of the house, unplug all electronics and close all doors and windows. Take a quick walk through your house and pause for a few moments in each room to evaluate which ones are the noisiest. Now consider if you're installing a media room or teenage recreational room where volumes will be blasting on TV's and stereos.


Upscale home decor with crown molding

Create a dramatic new look throughout your home or highlight one area with crown molding - the key to an upscale look for walls, windows, doors, cabinets and more. Homeowners will find the tools and supplies necessary for crown molding projects at Woodcraft.


How to fend off a fruit fly invasion

Homeowners who have dealt with insect infestations know that even the smallest critters can make for formidable foes. A single insect might not seem like a substantial problem, but such uninvited guests have a tendency to multiply, quickly becoming a problem for less proactive homeowners.