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Control mold when using air conditioning

Exposure to mold in a home can be hazardous, leading to any number of adverse health effects, including respiratory distress. Certain strains of mold may release mycotoxins, which can cause bleeding in the lungs and pneumonia.
Mold can grow in any dark and damp spot, which makes air conditioning units prime locations for mold proliferation. Mold spores can be circulated through a home via a central air conditioning system or window air conditioning unit. Mold spores in the air are very easy to inhale, especially for young children and elderly people.


Simple ways to save on household expenditures

There are many simple ways for homeowners to reduce monthly expenditures and realize savings, and the easiest place to start is with your monthly energy bill. Here are a few changes you can make that can have a lasting impact on your wallet and the planet.


Create a peaceful home simply by soundproofing

With televisions, home theaters, computers, video games, stereos and cell phones, our homes are louder than ever. By soundproofing certain rooms in the house, you can turn your home into a quiet sanctuary and relaxing escape.


Realize energy savings with one simple step

A simple project that will help keep your home cool this summer is topping up your attic insulation. This easy project will reduce your household energy consumption and will save you money on monthly energy bills.
A poorly insulated attic is a primary source of energy loss, forcing your AC unit to work harder than necessary. Most attics are insulated, but many, especially those in older homes, are not insulated adequately enough. Over time, insulation can settle and compact, allowing heat to escape through gaps.


Move into the outdoors with wood furniture

It's time to think about the "lazy days of summer" and create a comfortable, attractive outdoor living area that reflects your family's lifestyle. Consider decor featuring wood furniture that you build yourself, using advice and products from Woodcraft. Or, if you already have wood furniture, let Woodcraft help you give it a new look - maybe distressed or antiqued or a brand-new color.