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Electrical safety tips for holiday decorating

Everyone has at least one -- the house on the street that lights up in splendor around the holiday season. Decorations are in abundance both indoors and out, and just seeing the house brings on a smile. But as beautiful as it might be, that home may also be a safety risk if the decorator hasn't followed precautions like these offered by CSA Group:


The value in knowing R-Value

If you are in the midst of renovating or building your home, it is likely you have heard the term "R-Value" being thrown around. Understanding what it means and its importance is the real test. 
Measuring the ability to limit the heat flow transferred through insulation is known as R-Value, say specialists in this field. 


Home building methods face major changes

All across North America, home builders tend to agree that the better real estate investments -- for both the occupant and for future re-sale value -- may be best served by a whole new approach to construction. 


Take control of mold growth

Moisture buildup can increase the probability of mold growth. For homeowners, mold growth can lead to poor indoor air quality and worse.


Creating More Usable Space in Your Home

Smarter use of existing space can transform a home into a more pleasant living area. Combining smaller rooms or areas, dividing larger rooms, finishing an attic or basement, converting one room into a year-round "indoor porch",