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Advantages to a wedding video

In a financial climate where most people are pinching pennies, it comes as no surprise that many engaged couples seek ways to cut costs with regard to their weddings. Some couples are undecided whether certain components of their wedding are necessary.
The decision to hire a videographer is one such area couples fret over. After all, with a photographer snapping hundreds


How to choose the right wood flooring for your decor

Wood is one of the most beautiful floorings you can choose for your home. No other flooring offers the warmth, beauty and value of wood. There are not only countless colors available but there are also many different species as well, each with their unique characteristics.


Training Tips Avoid Injury While Working Out

Perhaps no New Year's resolution is as common as resolving to get in shape. After a holiday season filled with treats and social gatherings, it's no surprise many people hope to shed a few pounds once the season has come and gone.

With exercise on the minds of many, it's a good time to go over a few pointers to ensure that the next trip to the gym does not end in injury.


Tipping point Who to tip during the holidays

Come the holiday season, most people find themselves in a giving mood. Gifting friends, family and even coworkers is common, but there are many other people in our daily lives who societal norms suggest deserve a gift as well.


How to accommodate overnight holiday guests

 Thousands of people travel far and wide to visit family and friends for the holidays. Chances are many holiday hosts and hostesses will open their homes to overnight guests. Although visions of Cousin Eddy from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"