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Take control of mold growth

Moisture buildup can increase the probability of mold growth. For homeowners, mold growth can lead to poor indoor air quality and worse.


Creating More Usable Space in Your Home

Smarter use of existing space can transform a home into a more pleasant living area. Combining smaller rooms or areas, dividing larger rooms, finishing an attic or basement, converting one room into a year-round "indoor porch",


Winter Grilling Tips & Tricks

 Barbecuing isn't just for the lazy days of summer. Delicious grilled meals are easy to prepare year-round. Here are a few tips for winter barbecuing that are important to remember before you get the snow shovel out.
* Always pre-heat your barbecue. Pre-heat to 400o F -- 450o F at minimum, and adjust the temperature from there.


Green Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

Cooler days are on the horizon. As the mercury drops, energy consumption to heat the home tends to rise. Individuals concerned about making environmentally friendly heating choices may wonder just what can be done to stay green -- and save some green in the process.
The average North American homeowner spends about $800 to $1000 for the winter season heating his or her home. Those who rely on natural gas tend to spend less overall than homeowners who use propane, electric or oil to fuel their furnaces. Reducing reliance on heating fuel benefits the planet and most people's wallets.


Battle the Burn How to Prevent Razor Burn

Most men have had at least one uncomfortable encounter with razor burn. Razor burn occurs after shaving and can be uncomfortable and lead to razor bumps. The bumps can be red and are typically accompanied by ingrown hairs.
Razor burn is easy to prevent. Because it's often a byproduct of a poor shaving routine, razor burn does not have to be an accepted part of a daily shave. The following tips can help men ensure their next shave is smooth and pain-free.