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Skin care tips when in cancer treatment

The effects that cancer treatment can have on a person's skin have long been overlooked. But patients who have suffered through skin rashes and burns will be glad to know that a growing trend in treating cancer focuses on curing both the disease and helping patients maintain their self-esteem and quality of life. A new movement combining oncology and dermatology aims to address both the disease and the potentially negative consequences that rashes, burns and blemishes can produce.


Easy Ways to Ward Off Winter Weight Gain

With winter on the horizon once again, the familiar retreat indoors is in full swing. With the colder weather comes less time spent outside, and more time spent on the couch.
While it's difficult for those who live in areas with particularly harsh winters to do much of anything outdoors once the temperatures begin their annual descent, it's not that difficult for cold-climate dwellers to continue emphasizing their health during such months. 


Keep your smile going strong

A healthy smile goes a long way. The benefits of a beautiful smile stretch beyond the physical and into the emotional, as men and women with a healthy smile are naturally inclined to feel more confident about themselves regardless of their age.


Planning your party menu

Many partygoers admit that they often look forward to foods served during social gatherings. The way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, but the same sentiment can be applied to both male and female guests invited to your next soirée. While it might not be possible to please everyone's palate, the following are some food factors hosts should keep in mind as they prepare to throw their next party.


How to cut costs when hosting at home

Hosting guests at home can be expensive. Whether they're hosting family and friends during the holiday season or throwing a backyard barbecue under the summer sun, hosts should know that such gatherings can be costly.
Some hosts may find that hosting guests at home is beyond their means. Fortunately, there are many ways for budget-conscious hosts to save money when entertaining at home.