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Make Gutter Cleaning Safer and Easier

Nobody enjoys gutter cleaning. Yet it's much more important than many homeowners think. Rain flowing over windows, doors, and siding can rot fascia as well as door and window framing. It can erode the soil around your home and damage its foundation, and also cause a wet basement, mold, and mildew. To help keep gutters operating properly and to protect your investment, try these tips:


How to safely navigate wet roads

Fall is a great time of year to hit the open road, as fall foliage is colorful and provides a wonderful backdrop for weekend getaways, while the mild temperatures of fall make this an ideal time to enjoy the great outdoors.
Though autumn is often a mild time of year with regard to weather, fall foliage enthusiasts can still encounter adverse conditions on road trips. According to the automotive group AAA, wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic accidents each year. When combined with fall leaves, wet pavement poses an even greater threat to drivers and their passengers.


Employ simple fire prevention measures to maximize safety

Did you know that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, most people have a false sense of security regarding house fires, believing that they would have approximately six minutes to evacuate their home in the event of a fire?
In reality, smoke and fire spread rapidly and can overcome occupants in less than three minutes.


5 Tips to make an older home more energy efficient

While new homes are being built to be more energy efficient than ever before, thanks to a growing green building movement and increasingly strict building codes, the age of existing dwellings continues to present challenges. More than 40 percent of the housing stock in the United States was built before 1969 and simply wouldn't stand up to today's standards. Yet, much can be done to help homeowners improve their building envelope to reduce energy use and increase efficiency.


How to avoid the cold comfort of a drafty house

For those who live in older homes, the transition to colder weather can be extra disheartening, as the vision of expensive heating bills, chilly rooms and drafty windows dance in their heads. However, it's easy to change the outlook from cold to cozy with a few simple DIY solutions.