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How to build a strong professional network

Networking is often seen as a means to further one's career, but developing a group of professional contacts can also be a great way for professionals to stay abreast of the trends in their particular fields. Networking also can benefit small businesses as they look to connect with vendors that can help them grow their businesses.


Great gifts for dear old dad

Father's Day is right around the corner, and the time has come once again to begin searching for a gift for dear old dad. Father's Day gift shoppers have long since abandoned the notion that a new necktie is what dad really wants, but finding a gift that expresses your love and appreciation for the old man can still prove somewhat challenging.


How to handle an old 401(k)

Upon making the transition to a new job or retiring, many people are unsure about what to do with their 401(k) or other retirement plans linked to their employer. Handling this transition can be costly, and many men and women might benefit from the advice of a professional financial advisor to help them navigate these waters without breaking the bank.


How to take back your downtime

Many working professionals have hectic schedules. Perhaps due to technology that now allows men and women to stay connected to the office no matter where they might be, a great number of men and women now exceed the traditional full-time employment standard of 40 hours per week. In fact, data from the 2013 and 2014 Gallup Work and Education polls indicates that adults employed full time in the United States work an average of 47 hours per week, almost an entire extra workday.


How to unplug from your devices

The prevalence of technology is undeniable. According to data from the Pew Research Center, as of October 2014, 64 percent of Americans owned a smartphone. In January of the same year, 42 percent of Americans owned a tablet computer while 32 percent owned an e-reader.