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How to find more time to travel

Few people would likely say they don't enjoy traveling. Travel provides an opportunity to experience different cultures, visit idyllic locales and enjoy some rest and relaxation.
But as much as people love to travel, finding more time to do so is not always so easy, even for those people with a sufficient amount of vacation days at their disposal. Oftentimes, finding more time to travel requires some extra and earlier planning.


The benefits of preplanning your funeral

Coping with the death of a loved one is never easy. Dealing with a sudden, unexpected death of a beloved friend or family member can be even more difficult, especially for those people who have to make important financial decisions while grieving.


Health benefits of meditation

Meditation is often trumped as a means to reducing stress and restoring healthy function in the body. While meditation might once have been considered a New Age treatment, in recent years it has developed into a mainstream practice supported by both traditional and alternative medical providers.


Creative arts meld with socialization for a unique evening out

A night out on the town means different things to many people. Taking in a movie or dining at a favorite restaurant make great nights out for many people. But men and women looking to stray from the norm are increasingly combining seemingly unrelated activities for a night out that is both social and creatively rewarding.


Tips for juggling work and family

Balancing work and family is a juggling act faced by many working parents. Responsibilities to work and family often overlap, and that can make solving the riddle of balancing work and family that much more difficult.