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Keep your heart running strong into your golden years

Heart health should be a concern for people of all ages, but especially so for men and women over 50. That's because, according to the American Heart Association, even men and women who are free of cardiovascular disease at age 50 are at a significant lifetime risk of developing the disease.
But heart disease does not have to be an accepted byproduct of aging. For example, a 2014 study published in the AHA journal Circulation found that maintaining or increasing physical activity after age 65 can improve the heart's well-being and lower risk of heart attack.


Best countries for retirement

Many couples look to downsize once they retire. Empty nest retirees may no longer need their large family homes, which can be expensive and difficult for seniors to maintain. While some retirees choose to move into senior living communities or condominiums, some opt to be a bit more adventurous and venture further from home.


Vision changes as you age

As a person gets older certain bodily changes are to be expected. For example, muscle tone may diminish and bones can become more fragile as we age. Exercise and healthy eating may be able to stave off some of the effects of aging, but avoiding vision problems may require some additional effort.


Travel tips for older adults with medical conditions

The opportunity to travel is one of the best perks of retirement. Even men and women who are only semi-retired have more freedom to travel than those who are still working full-time.


Yearly eye exams can reveal more than just vision trouble

More evidence points to the importance of routine eye exams, not only to pinpoint potential conditions of the eye, but also to serve as windows to diseases that affect the entire body. Now more than ever it is essential to make and keep annual eye exams, as they can help to reveal the first signs of serious ailments.