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Gift Ideas When You're Pressed for Time

The Christmas countdown has begun, and the days will no doubt fly off the calendar like they do every year. Before you know, it's only a few days until the holiday is here.
Those who haven't yet started shopping may feel pressed for time and worry that they will not be able to find gifts for everyone on their


Battle the Burn How to Prevent Razor Burn

Most men have had at least one uncomfortable encounter with razor burn. Razor burn occurs after shaving and can be uncomfortable and lead to razor bumps. The bumps can be red and are typically accompanied by ingrown hairs.
Razor burn is easy to prevent. Because it's often a byproduct of a poor shaving routine, razor burn does not have to be an accepted part of a daily shave. The following tips can help men ensure their next shave is smooth and pain-free.


Keep your smile going strong

A healthy smile goes a long way. The benefits of a beautiful smile stretch beyond the physical and into the emotional, as men and women with a healthy smile are naturally inclined to feel more confident about themselves regardless of their age.


Networking tips for working professionals

Networking plays an integral role in professional growth. Men and women who can nurture relationships within their fields are more likely to be in tune with what's going on in their professions, and a network of fellow professionals can help men and women advance their careers.


Fall and winter style trends to add to your wardrobe

As days grow shorter and cooler, the unstructured ensembles of shorts and tanks make way for the sweaters, boots, tweeds, and wool of autumn attire.
Whether you're ready to head back to the office or the classroom, you may want to include cozy ribbed knits, pantsuits and some other trendsetting items in your autumn wardrobe.