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Things to do before bringing a new cat home

Cats and dogs are the two most popular types of pets in the country, and while dogs have been dubbed "man's best friend," cat owners are quite vocal when expressing their love for their feline friends.


Training essential for happy pets

Developing strong and healthy relationships with pets requires that pet owners provide for their pets in a variety of ways. Although affection and exercise are essential elements to raising a well-rounded pet, owners should not overlook one of the most important parts of pet care: discipline.


Tame nail-trimming fears

Trimming pets' nails can test the nerves of pet owners, who might be worried they will cut too much nail off or hurt their dogs or cats. Long nails can be a nuisance for pets and may hamper their abilities to get around comfortably. To help maintain a consistent nail-trimming schedule, pet owners can practice ways to keep calm and apply techniques to make nail grooming easier on the pet.


Decisions to make before adopting a pet

Pets make great additions to households. Parents often find that bringing a pet into their homes is a great way to instill a sense of responsibility in their children, while singles or couples embrace the companionship that devoted pets provide.


Treating pets facing flea and tick infestations

Pet owners love many things about having companion animals. But flea and tick infestations are probably not on the list of things pet owners love about their furry friends.
Few pets will go their lifetimes without experiencing fleas and/or ticks. Understanding common flea and tick behaviors can help pet owners better handle infestations.