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Do cats and dogs really fight like cats and dogs?

Cats and dogs have long been depicted as ardent foes, consistently getting into scrapes with one another. But are those claims exaggerated?
Many cats and dogs peacefully coexist in their homes, where their divergent personalities combine to make homes more interesting. Cats and dogs tend to have different body language, but that should not be mistaken for opposition.


Pointers for apartment dwellers who want pets

Animal lovers who want to welcome pets in their homes may be hesitant to do so while renting. Some might not want to pay additional fees on top of their normal security deposits, while others may fear that pets will cause damage to homes their owners don't own, leading to potentially costly repairs down the road. Renters should know that it's both possible and even common for people who rent to have pets.


Healthy ingredients for your dog's diet

Much like their owners, dogs benefit from healthy diets in a variety of ways. A healthy diet provides the energy dogs need to be active, and that activity allows them to maintain healthy weights. Dogs that eat healthy diets also are less susceptible to illness.


Managing road trips with pets in tow

Family vacations provide opportunities for parents and their children to unwind and make memories that last a lifetime. Such excursions can be made even more memorable when taking the family pet.
Traveling with animals in tow is not as simple as beckoning the family pet to the car when it's time to hit the open road. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals notes that travel can be stressful for both pet owners and their pets. To help ease that stress and ensure all members of the family, including those covered in fur, have a great a time on vacation, the ASPCA offers the following tips to pet owners taking their animals on road trips.


How dogs benefit from daily walks

Dog owners with fenced-in backyards may think their furry friends are getting all they need during their nightly exercise sessions in the backyard. While such yards provide safe places for dogs to relax and run around, the American Humane Association ( notes that even dogs who run wild in their backyards each day can benefit from daily walks. The following are a handful of ways dogs benefit from daily walks.