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Meouch: Common cat ailments

Cats are widely considered low maintenance pets, but even the most independent feline can use a helping hand from his owner every now and again. That helping hand is perhaps most necessary when cats find themselves facing a health issue they can't overcome. The following are a handful of common cat ailments and what cat owners can do to help their furry friends go back to living life to the fullest.


Did you know? Cats

Cats and vegetarian diets may not make an ideal match. Cats have a greater need for protein than their canine counterparts, and while protein can be found in a vegetarian diet, different proteins contain different levels of amino acids cats need to survive. 


Debunking myths about spaying and neutering

Companion animal overpopulation poses a considerable problem. The Humane Society of the United States says about 2.4 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized in American animal shelters each year - about one every 13 seconds. Many of these animals are the offspring of beloved pets or stray cats and dogs who reproduce unchecked.


Celebrity Pets Strut Their Stuff

Celebrities love their pets just as much as average Joes. Being the proud companion of a celebrity means that these pets are faced with paparazzi and time in the limelight, a problem the average pooch or feline doesn't have.
Here are some pets that may have been seen in the pages of newsprint or magazines.
Bo: The "First Dog" who spends his time frolicking on the lawns of the White House. He is a male Portuguese Water Dog.


Top names for dogs and cats

Dogs and cats will always hold a warm place in the hearts of pet-lovers. Naming that new puppy or kitten can take some forethought. You will need to find a name that will convey the spirit of the animal but also endure throughout the animal's life. Oftentimes pet owners turn to the movies or modern culture to help name their pets.