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How to prepare for holiday pet boarding

The holiday season is a time when many family and friends come together. If you'll be going home for the holidays, that trip may or may not include the family pet.
For people with a pet at home, it might not always be possible to bring the pet along during holiday excursions.


Factors to consider when choosing a dog

The decision to purchase or adopt a dog is one that requires careful consideration of a host of factors, including how much space the dog will need and whether or not the lifestyle of those who live in the home is a good fit for a furry, four-legged friend.


Warning signs: Detecting food sensitivities in your pet

Did you know that your pet may have been experiencing food sensitivities without you realizing it? With food intolerances on the rise, it is as important as ever for pet owners to be aware of the warning signs so they can monitor their cats and dogs closely and find solutions for improving their dietary health.


Beautiful lawn vs. faithful pet: Putting a stop to lawncare woes

Over time a pet who is routinely using a patch of grass as his personal potty will damage that stretch of lawn. The behavior of canines plus the chemical components of the urine contribute to the brown, dead patches synonymous with dog waste. But there are ways to mitigate the problem.


Pets and Babies: Easing the Transition

When a baby is being welcomed into the home where a pet is present, individuals may have to make some changes to ensure the introduction and subsequent living arrangements go smoothly. Even the best-behaved pet may feel anxious around a new family member.
Babies and animals have similar needs. Each relies on a parent to provide basic essentials: food, shelter and affection. Pets that are already established in a home may feel