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Creating an attractive dog run

Millions of dogs share the homes and hearts of people across the country. Dogs can provide companionship, affection and joy. But when dogs spend time outdoors and cause damage to lawns and gardens, that cute and cuddly appeal might dwindle.


6 Ways to Pamper Pets


Pets are an important component of a household. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 63 percent of all households in the United States feature one pet or more. TodayÕs pets are genuine members of the family, and pet parents want to do as much as they can to pamper their cats, dogs, birds, and small mammals.


Entertaining in a pet-friendly home


Sometimes it's best not to have pets as the life of the party.Pets are prized pals in many households. However, guests invited over for a special occasion who are not as enamored with animals may not be anxious about sharing party space with Fido or the family feline. In such instances, it's up to the host to make guests feel more comfortable.


Help cats live better lives


Domestic cats often enjoy a pampered existence. But in spite of their popularity as pets, cats are increasing in number at the nation's animal shelters, and many do not go on to enjoy a stable existence at an adoptive home.
Though not everyone can adopt a cat, there are ways beyond adoption that individuals can help the plight of shelter cats.
* Donate goods to shelters. Area shelters are often in need of food, bedding materials, litter, 


The talents of therapy dogs


Many people think of therapy dogs as guide dogs leading the blind, or dogs sitting with seniors at an assisted living facility. While therapy dogs are responsible for these jobs, they do so much more -- including acting as a trusted companion for someone diagnosed with cancer.