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When is seat belt replacement necessary?

Seat belts and air bags are safety devices that serve to limit or prevent injury in the event of an automobile accident. Drivers and passengers tend to take these devices for granted, but these safety measures can greatly reduce a person's risk of injury or even death.


Common workplace injuries and how to avoid them

Workers spend roughly eight hours at their workplaces each day, and many workers must be careful to avoid injury over the course of a typical workday.
According to a recent FindLaw survey, workplace injuries are common, with one in five American adults saying they have suffered an injury while on the job. Statistics Canada notes that an estimated 4.27 million Canadians aged 12 or older suffered an injury severe enough to limit their usual activities in 2009 and 2010. Although many of these injuries were attributed to adolescents and seniors, working-age adults see their share of injuries as well.


Falling leaves present a beautiful safety hazard

Watching leaves turn brilliant shades of color and fall from the trees is a favorite activity each fall. Drivers travel near and far to witness spectacular and colorful displays of fall foliage, hoping to catch the peak hues in their respective areas of the country.
While falling leaves can be a sight to behold, those leaves can become a nuisance to drivers in various ways. Understanding certain inconveniences and safety risks posed by falling leaves can help motorists protect their vehicle and themselves.

Safe costumes can prevent Halloween mishaps

Millions of people celebrate Halloween every year. Borrowed or adapted from a few different festivals that once took place in Europe, Halloween has origins in the Roman Feralia festival, the Celtic summer's end festival Samhain, and the Catholic All Saints Day.


The dangers of leaving kids in cars

Children require a lot of care and constant supervision when they are young. Such is the reason reports of children being left in cars are so surprising and generate so much outrage.
Many parents would never intentionally put their youngsters in harm's way, but leaving a child in an unattended vehicle - even if it's just for a few minutes - can be incredibly dangerous. Many states even consider such behavior a crime.