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Connected cars potentially vulnerable

Recent incidents of vehicles being hacked have shed light on the potential vulnerability of connected cars. Hackers have been able to gain access to critical vehicle functions, even while the car or truck is on the road.


Safety tips for cyclists

Fall road trips might be most often associated with driving vehicles, but plenty of cyclists also take to the roads when the leaves begin to change colors. Fall weather is tailor-made for road trips, and cyclists often embark in droves to see beautiful fall foliage in accommodating weather.


Maintain tire balance and alignment for a smooth ride

It is easy for motorists to take their tires for granted when everything is working correctly. Wheels and suspension systems bear the weight of cars and trucks and must bear the brunt of rough roads, pot holes and any additional obstacles, so some wear and tear is to be expected.


How to handle car trouble while driving

Sudden car trouble is something no driver wants to experience, but many a driver has been driving down the highway only to feel his or her vehicle start to sputter. Such sputtering might indicate a car is running low on fuel, or it could be a sign of something more serious that requires motorists to think as quickly and safely as possible.


Cloudy headlamps a significant safety concern

Many drivers feel less comfortable behind the wheel at night than they do during the day, when daylight makes it easier to see fellow motorists as well as pedestrians. Nighttime can compromise a driver's vision, and that reduced vision is a key factor in traffic fatalities, nearly half of which occur at night.