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Car seats and swings may not sleep baby safely

Frazzled new parents seek out any way to get their infants to sleep soundly, particularly when these parents also could use some shut-eye. Some parents will attest that newborns seem to come into the world with their days and nights mixed up, as well as with an aversion to resting comfortably in a bassinet or crib, noting how infants seem to doze off most comfortably in swings or car seats.


Be prepared when seconds count: Renovate for fire safety

A National Fire Prevention Association study reported that, on average, seven Americans die in a residential home fire each week. Though you never know when fire might strike, there are important measures you can take to increase your chances when seconds count.


Consider moisture issues when choosing insulation

We insulate our homes primarily to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As a result, most of us evaluate insulation based on its thermal properties, which is definitely important to consider. However, there is another aspect of wall and ceiling insulation that should be considered before making a final decision, and that's moisture. If you choose the wrong insulation, moisture can seriously damage the long-term performance of the insulation, drastically reducing the benefits it offers to your home.


Five ways to increase home fire safety

An average of seven Americans die each week as a result of house fires. Most fires occur in residential buildings between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., when occupants are most likely to be asleep. Your first line of defense is fire preparedness.
Here's five things you can do to increase your chance of survival in a fire:


5 benefits of building an eco-friendly home

Environmentally friendly practices are trending everywhere - from our food to our clothing to our homes. Improved practices in the construction industry today reflect the greening of building codes across America, and can be seen in advancements in window daylighting, insulation, air infiltration, and new wall-building materials.