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10 Trends for 'Green' Weddings

Environmentally friendly ideals are now permeating all aspects of daily living. Many people want to take the concept further and ensure their nuptials -- and subsequent reception -- are good for the planet as well.

Although there are no firm statistics on the number of green weddings being held each year, emerging trends point to the growing interest in eco-conscious weddings. Individuals who already do their best to recycle, reuse and reduce want to employ those same values on their wedding day.


What to know about dangerous mercury in fish

Seafood has long been touted as an important part of a healthy diet. Not only does seafood tend to be lean and low in overall calories when compared to other protein sources, it is also low in saturated fat and high in omega-3 fatty acids. These components make it a heart-healthy food. Omega-3 fatty acids are also essential in the healthy development of the brain, which is why eating fish and shellfish can be beneficial to younger children as well as adults.


A new year marks a great time to reassess your career

The dawn of a new year is a great time to take stock of several things in your life, including your career. The spirit of rejuvenation that characterizes a new calendar year makes this an ideal time to examine your job, where it's going and


Healthy habits How to use diet to supplement your workout routine

Men and women who have successfully adopted healthy lifestyles know full well that combining exercise with a healthy diet is the key to getting and staying healthy. Simply visiting the gym won't work if it's not coupled with a healthy diet.

But many people incorrectly assume that a healthy diet is one devoid of taste. That simply isn't true. In fact, a healthy diet does not


Training Tips Avoid Injury While Working Out

Perhaps no New Year's resolution is as common as resolving to get in shape. After a holiday season filled with treats and social gatherings, it's no surprise many people hope to shed a few pounds once the season has come and gone.

With exercise on the minds of many, it's a good time to go over a few pointers to ensure that the next trip to the gym does not end in injury.


Kids can make resolutions, too

New Year's resolutions are made so adults can improve their lives in the year to come. But nowhere does it say resolutions are exclusive to adults. In fact, kids can make New Year's resolutions and reap much the same benefits as Mom and Dad.

The following are some kid-specific New Year's resolutions


Big Box Not Necessarily Best Bet

When buying anything from furniture to electronics, consumers are often inclined to turn to their nearby big box store as a first stop in comparison shopping. Although big box retailers do offer competitive prices, they may not


Turn Ho-Hum Holiday Greetings Into Ho, Ho, Hot Stuff

Holiday greetings are an annual tradition. The average person will mail out 28 cards to family and friends. Setting greetings apart from others with a personalized photo can make the holidays that much more unique.
Instead of sending the same, mass-produced boxed greeting card to everyone on a mailing list, individuals looking for a personalized way to say, "Happy Holidays" can keep in touch


Christmas traditions around the globe

Families across the globe cherish their Christmas traditions. Customs may be unique to every family, but many countries boast their own unique traditions as well.

* Australia: Many Australians celebrate Christmas by coming together at night to