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Hot Holiday Gift Ideas to Match Every Cook's Style

For the cooking enthusiasts on your gift list, hone in on each person's style of cooking and entertaining to find the perfect match from today's ever-widening array of culinary tools and equipment. To help streamline your shopping this season, here are some new and recently launched products that are sure to get lots of smiles and good use in the kitchen.
Back to Basics Cooks
The "back to basics" cook is always on the search for no-nonsense equipment that will 


Dinner party prep How to ready your home for dinner guests

Hosting a dinner party is about more than just preparing food for guests. One of the more demanding tasks when inviting others over is preparing the home for the special guests, whether those guests are friends, family members or professional colleagues.
Dinner parties can be large or small affairs, but the size of the guest list should have no impact on the work that needs to be done getting the house ready to host. Dinner party hosts who want their next event to go off without a hitch can consider the following advice.


Gifts to make foodies say, "Mmmmm"

Cooking is a rewarding hobby and meals, when shared with friends and family, are a great opportunity to sit down and stay abreast of all the goings-on in the lives of your loved ones. For some, however, food is more than just a hobby, it's a passion.
Those especially passionate about their food are affectionately known as "foodies."


Safety First When Stringing Holiday Lights

Perhaps no holiday tradition is more visible than decorative lights. Whether on the house or on the tree in the front picture window, holiday lights help create a festive mood for all.
While aesthetically appealing, holiday lighting displays can also be quite dangerous. Older lights or poorly planned lighting projects can quickly turn tragic. However, this much beloved holiday tradition does not have to cease and desist. Instead, some simple safety precautions are all it takes to ensure this year's lighting display is both stunning and safe.


Electrical safety tips for holiday decorating

Everyone has at least one -- the house on the street that lights up in splendor around the holiday season. Decorations are in abundance both indoors and out, and just seeing the house brings on a smile. But as beautiful as it might be, that home may also be a safety risk if the decorator hasn't followed precautions like these offered by CSA Group:


Bake Cookies Like a Pro

Few things are more delicious than a plate of warm cookies with a glass of milk. The holiday season is a prime time of year to make fresh-baked cookies to share and enjoy. Ensuring these cookies come out the best they can takes a little work and know-how.

Here are 10 tips for cookie-baking success.


Devouring Fruitcake Facts

The holidays and fruitcake have long been intertwined. Fruitcakes are often mocked, detested and discarded. Few gifted foods create such strong derision. However, fruitcake is tradition. And as most people know, Christmas is all about tradition.
Fruitcake is an enduring tradition, most simply because the food, well, endures. Most fruitcakes will last 8 to 12 months if wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and stored in an airtight container. If frozen, their lifespan could be endless. Jokingly, many families have said fruitcake is the only food durable enough to become an heirloom.


The value in knowing R-Value

If you are in the midst of renovating or building your home, it is likely you have heard the term "R-Value" being thrown around. Understanding what it means and its importance is the real test. 
Measuring the ability to limit the heat flow transferred through insulation is known as R-Value, say specialists in this field. 


Home building methods face major changes

All across North America, home builders tend to agree that the better real estate investments -- for both the occupant and for future re-sale value -- may be best served by a whole new approach to construction.