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Get set for spring termite swarms

Termite swarms are often the first visible evidence that termites are a problem in and around a home. There are several different types of subterranean termite species, and many begin to take flight when weather conditions are favorable, such as in the spring and summer.


Pros and Cons of Animal Testing

Cosmetic testing on animals is banned in countries like the U.K., Belgium, and Netherlands, but the United States still has many companies that test an assortment of products on animals. Animal activists and eco-conscious individuals want this type of testing to cease.

Some estimates suggest as much as 94 percent of animal testing is


Exploring the history of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is best known as a raucous event that takes place in New Orleans, LA and other areas around the world in January and February. Fat Tuesday, the final day of Mardi Gras, can occur in March depending on the calendar year and how it corresponds to the Christian liturgical calendar. While Mardi Gras may be legendary for scantily clad costumes, delicious food, overflowing spirits, and many acts of debauchery, many people -- particularly non-Christians -- may not know what the celebration is truly all about.


5 things to consider before expanding your home

Homeowners who feel their homes are a little confined may be interested in expanding their homes to make them more comfortable and serviceable. Several questions may come to mind when homeowners are considering adding on to an existing home.


Stock up on safety gear before your next DIY project

Do-it-yourself, or DIY, projects around the house can give homeowners a more personal stake in their properties. Getting their own hands dirty when renovating a bathroom rather than paying a professional to do all that work gives many homeowners a strong sense of accomplishment while allowing them to learn a few things and save some money along the way.


Romantic locales ideal for Valentine's Day

Part of the excitement of Valentine's Day is taking the person you love to a romantic locale. Romantic tourism continues to be big business, according to Conde Nast. While much of the romantic retreats that take place are honeymoon-related, there are some couples who want to share their love in a romantic spot other times of the year, like Valentine's Day.


Jewelry buyers' guide

You can't buy love, but on Valentine's Day those in love certainly like to treat the special people in their lives to some lavish tokens of affection. According to the National Retail Federation's Valentine's Day Consumer Spending Survey, Americans spend an estimated $19 billion on gifts, flowers, dinners, and more come Valentine's Day.


8 ways kids can go green

Raising eco-friendly children is less complicated than it once was. From very early ages, today's kids are exposed to environmental topics and how they can do their part to maintain and protect the planet's resources. Between activities at daycare and lessons at school to information they receive from educational television programming, some kids are taking their own environmental initiatives - and involving their parents along the way.


Give the gift of homemade fudge

Looking for some sweets for your Valentine's Day sweetheart? Chocolate is one of the most universally beloved confections and is especially popular come Valentine's Day. While others may line up to purchase chocolate treats this February 14, it's easy to recreate some of the magic at home with ingredients you already have on hand.