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Starting Car Engine in Winter More Difficult

It's a common problem: A driver goes to his or her car on a cold winter's morning, puts the key in the ignition, only to discover the car engine won't turn over.

Cold weather can wreak havoc on a car's performance. For an engine to start,


Headlights make for safer driving, even during the day

If asked to describe a typical car accident, many people would instantly think of nighttime. But statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that less traffic accidents occur at nighttime than daytime, when there are more vehicles on the road and more pedestrians walking around. 


Arrange transportation for safe entertaining

Party hosts are tasked with a number of responsibilities as they try to coordinate successful events. Although planning menus and entertainment might be a host's top priority, consideration also should be given to keeping guests comfortable and safe, particularly at parties where alcohol will be served.


What to consider before buying an extended car warranty

Purchasing a vehicle often entails perusing the available stock, test driving one or two automobiles, negotiating price, and finalizing paperwork. Once buyers choose a vehicle, they may need to decide if they should purchase an extended warranty.
According to the financial resource, an extended warranty is actually an extended service contract that covers the cost of certain repairs and problems after the factory warranty expires. Extended warranties can offer peace of mind to some car buyers, particularly those who may be purchasing a vehicle that does not score as highly as other makes with regard to reliability. Extended warranties begin after the manufacturer bumper-to-bumper warranties expire. Many extended warranties cover major breakdowns and are designed to help drivers offset the cost of repairs should they prove necessary.


Safely share the road

Motorists, motorcycle riders, cyclists, and pedestrians converge on roadways across the globe every day. While many travelers respect their fellow road warriors, the potential for highway accidents is great. Taking measures to share the road safely can greatly reduce all travelers' risk of being involved in a traffic accident.