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The right ways to update a résumé

The job market can be competitive, as new graduates flood the field each and every year. But graduation season is not the only time of year when the competition to find work gets heated.
The start of the new year tends to be one of the busiest times of year for new hires. According to the employment resource Simply Hired, the first Monday after New Year's Day tends to be the busiest day for job search activity. Companies are returning to full production after the holidays, and as a result there is a flurry of new activity. This means applicants can use the last quarter of the year to prepare for job searches they will institute once the calendar turns.


The benefits of local newspapers

Local newspapers play vital roles in communities across the globe. The Information Age has changed the way many people get their news, but local newspapers continue to serve as valuable resources for readers interested in learning more about and becoming more involved in their communities.
While local publishers continue to adapt to the changes brought about by technology, the following are a handful of benefits unique to local newspapers.


Exploring the origins of Labor Day

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summertime fun and a day when thousands of people gather across the country for their final big barbecue blowouts. Labor Day has evolved into a holiday about relaxing with friends and family, and that has led to its origins getting somewhat lost in the celebratory shuffle.


Factors to consider when planning a home office

As technology has made working remotely easier, more and more professionals are working from home. Working from home can help working parents save money on childcare costs and help all workers avoid rush hour traffic jams and the costs of commuting to and from the office.


Healthy ways to handle stress

Stress affects people of all ages. The symptoms of stress can be extremely unpleasant, as participants in a study released earlier this year by the Statistic Brain Research Institute and the American Institute of Stress who reported experiencing physical symptoms of stress admitted to feeling fatigue, headache, upset stomach, and muscle tension, among other things.