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How small business owners can market their businesses

According to Forbes magazine, more than 50 percent of the working population works for a small business. The Small Business Association reports there are almost 28 million small businesses in the United States. Many small businesses are home-based and hundreds get started each month.


Career opportunities in health and wellness

Health and wellness has grown increasingly popular over the last several decades as more and more people have adopted lifestyles designed to improve their immediate and long-term health. Not surprisingly, career opportunities in healthcare and health and wellness are on the rise, and the following are a handful of careers men and women interested in health and wellness may want to consider.


How to avoid unhealthy habits at the office

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, working professionals spend an average of 8.5 hours per day at work. Many professionals spend much of their time at work sitting down in front of a computer, which can be detrimental to long-term health.
Staying sedentary for long periods of time can contribute to a host of health ailments, including being overweight and obese. But professionals who work in offices can take various steps to ensure all that time at work is not having an adverse affect on their overall health.


How to take back your downtime

Many working professionals have hectic schedules. Perhaps due to technology that now allows men and women to stay connected to the office no matter where they might be, a great number of men and women now exceed the traditional full-time employment standard of 40 hours per week. In fact, data from the 2013 and 2014 Gallup Work and Education polls indicates that adults employed full time in the United States work an average of 47 hours per week, almost an entire extra workday.


Take a cue from successful women

Women had another successful year in 2015. According to the Fortune 500 list, 2015 tied the record set for the highest number of female CEOs in America's largest companies by revenue. Twenty-four women, including Mary Barra of General Motors, Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard and Ginny Rometty of IBM, made the list.