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Tips for juggling work and family

Balancing work and family is a juggling act faced by many working parents. Responsibilities to work and family often overlap, and that can make solving the riddle of balancing work and family that much more difficult.


How occupational therapy can help chronic pain sufferers

Millions of people suffer from acute or chronic pain every year, and the effects of that pain extend far and wide. While pain sufferers understandably focus their attention on treating their conditions, it's important for all people to recognize the nonphysical burdens pain places on people as well.


Show administrative professionals they are appreciated

Business owners and bosses and high-level executives may have their names on placards or monogrammed stationery, but the most successful businesses tend to be those in which the entire staff, from the company president to administrative professionals and so on, works together.


Employment: The next step after graduation

Graduation is an exciting time in the lives of students. After years in the classroom preparing for life after school, graduation marks a time when students are finally ready to enter the "real world" and land their first professional job.


Choose the right hotel for your needs

Hotels are travelers' homes away from home. But travelers have different needs depending on their reasons for traveling. Business travelers may prefer hotels with computer centers, while travelers hoping to get away from the daily grind may find that a comfortable bed and a breathtaking view are the only amenities they need.