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How shopping locally can help you and your community

Today's consumers have more shopping options at their disposal than they did in years past. Though the Internet may put the world at one's fingertips, more and more shoppers are discovering that buying locally makes for a superior shopping experience.


Simple ways to fight back against fatigued eyes

Eyestrain affects people from all walks of life. Many professionals suffer eyestrain as a result of too many hours spent staring at computer screens. The same can be said for children, who might spend hours doing homework on their computers before hitting the couch for a few spirited rounds of video games.


Great part-time jobs for retirees

Upon retiring, many newly minted retirees find themselves looking for ways to fill their free time. Hobbies may not take up too much time, and travel can stretch retirees' budgets.
One way that retirees can make great use of their free time and make a little extra money is to find part-time employment. Part-time jobs can help retirees maintain their connections with their communities, whether it's their professional community or the community in which they live, while also providing a sense of purpose. Retirees interesting in finding part-time work may want to consider the following jobs.


How to make your office more eco-friendly

When adopting more eco-friendly lifestyles, it can be easy for men and women to overlook their offices. While drivers can drive in ways that conserve fuel and homeowners can take steps to reduce their energy consumption at home, few people may give as much thought to making their offices more friendly to the environment. 


Healthy habits to combat stress

Stress has an immediate and potentially long-term effect on the human body. Though it's a natural response to both good and bad experiences, stress, when chronic, can produce a host of negative consequences that greatly diminish one's quality of life.